100% Plant Based and Organically Grown.

Full of Anti-inflammatory Phytonutrients and Superfoods.

Protein-Rich Plant Sources (No Whey or Dairy).

Non-GMO Ingredients.

No Processed Sugar or Synthetic Additives.

Some Words From The PHOX Founders

“The single most important factor in living a disease-free life is the consumption of plant based foods.”

Dr. Stacy Mitchell, MD

When a loved one is diagnosed with a disease as ALS, it can leave you feeling helpless and overwhelmed. As the primary caregiver for my ex-wife Linda, it was my intention to always give her what she and my kids deserved as they faced the challenges of this illness and its progression. Once Linda’s ALS reached a place where she could no longer move, speak, or eat, it was required that a feeding tube be installed. This left me with the question and next decision to make, “what would she eat?”. It was at this point I discovered there were very few options for Linda’s food and that all of the recommendations I was given were for synthetic supplement meal replacement formulas. Knowing that this was not something I would want to eat, I decided to create an all natural whole food blend to support her at home and give her the best opportunity for optimal health moving forward.

After seeing how positive of an impact this had on Linda’s physical health and quality of life it only made sense that this solution be shared and stewarded to others as a choice that at the time did not exist. It is for this reason that an amazing group of people have come together to join me in starting PHOX Foods, a values based business that will be Linda’s legacy and allow our sickest people without a voice to have a choice!

Paul Tylla